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Home Children's Bible Stories

The Ninth Plague; Announcement of the Tenth Plague
(Exodus 10:21-11:10)

Pharaoh continued to disobey God. So God commanded Moses to go out and stretch his hand toward heaven that there might be darkness over the land of Egypt.

Moses obeyed God and it became so dark that people could not see each other or go out of their houses. The darkness lasted three days. When it was over, Pharaoh called for Moses.

Pharaoh told Moses that all of the people could go out and worship God. Moses told Pharaoh that they would need to take all of their livestock also. Then Pharaoh became angry and refused to let them go with their animals. And Pharaoh said that Moses could never come to see him again.

Then Moses told Pharaoh that there would be one final plague after which he would let them leave Egypt with everything they own. Moses told Pharaoh that God would go out at midnight into the midst of Egypt and kill every person and animal that was firstborn. Moses said that God would not hurt any of the Israelites but only the Egyptians.

God told Moses that Pharaoh would not heed his word. And Moses and Aaron continued to obey the Lord.


  1. Did Pharaoh obey God?
  2. Did God punish Pharaoh with the plague of darkness because of his disobedience?
  3. Did Moses obey God and stretch out his hand so that the darkness came upon Egypt?
  4. How long did the darkness last?
  5. Would Pharaoh let Israel leave Egypt with their animals?
  6. Did Moses tell Pharaoh that there would be one final plague? What was it?
  7. Would God hurt any of the Israelites during the last plague?
  8. Did Moses and Aaron obey God?
  9. Should we obey God?