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Learning Greek & Greek Resources

Learning Greek
Greek Grammar on the Web, excellent resource for beginning and advanced students.

Little Greek, page information on resources for learning Greek.

Learning New Testament Greek, contains a good basic overview of Greek.

New Testament Greek, online study course.


Greek Texts Greek Resources, Greek Texts including the Septuagint, Nestle-Aland 26th/27th Ed., Nestle-Aland 27th Ed. / UBS 4th Ed. w/ diacritics, and more.

Perseus Project: Ancient Greek Texts, also see the English Translations.


Greek Resources Greek Resources, A. T. Robertson does a good job with the explain much of the Greek, but is biased in some places by his Calvinistic views. Greek Resources, Strong's Greek Dictionary and Hebrew Dictionary are long-time favorite of Bible Students.

Greek Authors on the Web, an index of web sites devoted to Greek authors.
Greek Grammar on the Web, excellent web resource.

Perseus Project: Liddle-Scott-Jones Lexicon of Classical Greek

Perseus Project: Greek Grammar, by Herbert Weir Smyth

Perseus Project: Overview of Greek Syntax, by Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox

Perseus Project: Secondary Sources including Overview of Archaic & Classical Greek History, by Thomas Martin, Perseus Encyclopedia, Frazer's summary of Apollodorus' handbook of Greek mythology, Attic vase paintings in the Museum of Fine Arts, Princeton Encyclopedia of Classical Sites, One Hundred Greek Sculptors: Their Careers and Extant Works, Vase Painter Essays, Greek Grammar by Herbert Weir Smyth, Overview of Greek Syntax by Jeffrey A. Rydberg-Cox, Latin Grammar by Allen & Greenough, Sources for Thucydides Research, and more.

Perseus Project: Texts and Translations including Ancient Greek Texts with Morphological Links to Text Tools, English Translations of Greek Texts in Perseus (for on-line browsing), Latin texts and English translations, Duke Data Bank of Documentary Papyri, and more.