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The Lord's Church


Online Bible Lessons and Games: Salvation

Audio Lessons
Video Lessons
Interactive Bible Lessons

Games & Quizzes

Bible Study Books:

The Church, a seven lesson study of the Lord's church. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader. Updated September 2004.

The Church Jesus Built, eight lessons, by Mark Copeland. Requires Adobe Acrobat Reader.

The Church of Christ, thirteen lessons, by J.S. Smith.

The Church of Christ (Volume I) and The Church of Christ (Volume II), two volume set, by Jeff Asher.

The New Testament Church, fifty-two lessons, by Roy Cogdill.

Music in the Church, a brief guide to Bible teaching on music in the church including documented quotes of religious leaders and a brief history of instrumental music in religious services.

Worshipping God, twenty-five lessons, by Rob Harbison.

Articles: The Church
Are Churches Asking For Trouble?
Components of a Strong Congregation

Identifying the New Testament Church

Organization of the Church
Overview of the Church of Christ
We Are Members of God's Family

What is the Church?

What should you expect when visiting a faithful church of Christ?
Why Does a Christian Place Membership with a Local Congregation?
Why Should We Go to Church?

Topical Scripture Guide: The Church


Doctrine of the Church

Financing the Work of the Church

The Lord's Supper

Music of the Church

Names Ascribed to the Church

Organization of the Church

Work of the Church

Worship of the Church

Religious Holidays, Special Days

Religious Titles


Women Cannot Teach or Have Authority Over Men in the Church