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Home Children's Bible Stories

Israel's Exodus; Additional Regulations
(Exodus 12:31-13:22)

The night of the tenth plague God killed all of the firstborn in Egypt. But, none of the Israelites were killed. That night Pharaoh called for Moses and Aaron. Pharaoh told them to go and serve the Lord with their livestock.

The Egyptians wanted Israel to quickly leave Egypt. They were afraid that the Lord might kill more people if Israel was not allowed to go.

Israel obeyed the Lord. They left Egypt with silver, gold, and clothing that the Egyptians had given them.

Then the Lord gave Israel some additional instructions about observing the Passover and about the firstborn. Since God had saved the firstborn of Israel, he commanded them to sanctify every firstborn child and animal. Then God gave Israel additional instructions about the Feast of Unleavened Bread which lasted seven days and included the Passover.

God led Israel out of Egypt to Canaan. He did not lead them out the short way because they might have changed their turned back to Egypt when they had to go to war. So God led them out the long way. God led Israel with a pillar of cloud by day and a pillar of fire by night.

Today, God leads us with His word which is contained in the Bible.


  1. What happened during the tenth plague?
  2. What did Pharaoh do the night of the tenth plague?
  3. Did the Egyptians want the Israelites to quickly leave Egypt? Why?
  4. Did Israel obey the Lord?
  5. Should we obey the Lord?
  6. What did the Egyptians give the Israelites to take with them?
  7. Did God lead the Israelites out on the short way or the long way? Why?
  8. What did God lead Israel by during the day?
  9. What did God lead Israel by during the night?
  10. How does God lead us today?