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Home Children's Bible Stories

The Tenth Plague: Death of the Firstborn
(Exodus 12:1-30)

Pharaoh would not obey God. So God was going to bring one more plague upon Egypt. Then Pharaoh would let Israel go.

God was going to go throughout Egypt on a certain night and strike Egypt. He would kill all the firstborn children and firstborn animals of the Egyptians.

God told Moses and Aaron about the Passover so that they could tell Israel. The families were to take a lamb, prepare it, and eat it according to the Lord's command. They were to put some of the blood on their doorposts and the Lord would pass over them. None of the firstborn children of the Israelites would die.

Moses called the elders of Israel and told them about the Passover. Then they bowed their heads and worshiped God. All of the Israelites obeyed God.

The night came for the Lord to pass through Egypt. All of the Egyptians firstborn children and animals died. But none of the Israelites died because they obeyed God.


  1. Did Pharaoh obey God?
  2. Did God bring one more plague upon Egypt?
  3. What happened when God passed through Egypt?
  4. Did any of the Israelites die?
  5. What were the Israelites to do in order for God to pass over them?
  6. Why did God pass over the Israelites?
  7. Did the elders worship God?
  8. Should we worship God?
  9. Did the Israelites obey God?
  10. Should we obey God?