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Home Children's Bible Stories

Crossing the Red Sea
(Exodus 14:1-15:21)

God commanded the children of Israel to head southward. This would make Pharaoh think that they were confused. Pharaoh would also think that he could defeat them and bring them back into slavery.

God wanted Pharaoh to try to defeat Israel so that He could show some of His power by conquering them.

Pharaoh assembled a big army and caught up to Israel. Israel saw Pharaoh's army and was afraid. But Moses told them not to be afraid. God would save them from the Egyptians.

The Angel of God moved from in front of Israel to the rear making a cloud of darkness over the Egyptians and a cloud of fire over the Israelites.

God told Moses to raise his hand over the sea. Moses obeyed God and a strong east wind blew and parted the Red Sea so that Israel walked across the sea on dry land. The next morning, the Egyptians started crossing the Red Sea, but God told Moses to raise his hand again so that the water returned and killed the Egyptians.

Israel rejoiced and sang a song praising God. They were thankful for their salvation.


1. Why did God command Israel to head southward?

2. How did God show some of His power?

3. Was Israel afraid when they saw Pharaoh's army? What did Moses tell them to do?

4. How did God save Israel?

5. How did God destroy the Egyptians?

6. Why did the Israelites sing a song after God saved them?

7. Did the Israelites have to obey God to be saved?

8. Do we have to obey God to be saved?

9. Should we be thankful for salvation?