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Home Children's Bible Stories

The War with Amalek; Jethro's Meeting With Moses
(Exodus 17:8-18:27)

The children of Israel were still in Rephidim when Amalek attacked them from the rear. Then Moses told Joshua to choose some good men to fight with Amalek and that he would stand on the top of the hill with the rod in his hand.

The next day, Israel fought against the Amalekites while Moses, Aaron, and Hur stood on the top of the hill. While Moses held up his hand with the rod, Israel won the war. But when Moses lowered his hand with the rod, Israel began losing the war. So, Aaron and Hur took a stone and put it under Moses so that he could sit down. Then they stood on either side of him and helped support his hands as he held the rod.

When the sun went down, Joshua and the Israelites had defeated the Amalekites.

Then Jethro, Moses' father-in-law, visited Moses. Moses' wife and children had been living with Jethro, so Jethro brought them back to live with Moses.

Moses told Jethro everything that the Lord had done to Pharaoh and the Egyptians. Jethro rejoiced and praised the Lord for delivering them out of Egypt. Then Jethro offered a sacrifice to the Lord.

On the next day, Jethro saw that Moses judged the people from morning until evening. He questioned Moses as to reason he judged Israel by himself. Moses explained that the people came to him to inquire of God. They brought their problems to Moses and he told them God's laws.

Jethro told Moses that he should let some of the men help him judge the Israelites. Moses agreed with Jethro and had the people appoint wise men to help Moses rule over them. Then, Jethro went back to his home.


  1. Where were the children of Israel when Amalek attacked them?
  2. What did Moses tell Joshua to do before fighting with Amalek?
  3. What did Moses do while Israel fought against the Amalekites?
  4. What happened when Moses held up his hand with the rod?
  5. What happened when Moses lowered his hand with the rod?
  6. What did Aaron and Hur do to help Moses?
  7. Who won the war?
  8. After the war was over, who visited Moses?
  9. Who did Jethro bring back to live with Moses?
  10. What did Moses tell Jethro about? What did Jethro do?
  11. What did Moses do so that he could have some help with judging Israelites?