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Home Children's Bible Stories

Moses Flees Egypt and Lives in Midian
(Exodus 2:11-22)

Moses was forty years old and went out to see his family. He saw an Egyptian beating a Hebrew. Moses thought that he should deliver his people from the Egyptians so he killed the Egyptian.

The next day, Moses went out again and came upon two Hebrews fighting. Moses asked one of the men: "Why are you striking your neighbor?" News of Moses killing the Egyptians had spread fast and the man asked if Moses was going to kill him.

Moses was afraid. When Pharaoh heard what had happened, he sought to kill Moses. So Moses moved to Midian and dwelt near a well. He lived in Midian around forty years.

One day Reuel's daughters came to the well to water their father's flocks. Some shepherds wanted to steal their water, but Moses delivered the women from the shepherds.

Then Reuel invited Moses to eat with him and Moses decided to live there. Moses married Zipporah who bore him a child. And Moses names his son Gershom.


1. How old was Moses when he went out to see his family?

2. What did Moses do to the Egyptian that was beating a Hebrew?

3. Moses went out the next day. Who did he find fighting?

4. Where did Moses move to after Pharaoh sought to kill him?

5. Who did Moses marry?

6. What did Moses name their baby?

7. Did God take care of Moses?

8. Does God take care of us?