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Home Children's Bible Stories

Moses' Second Meeting With Pharaoh
(Exodus 5:22-7:13)

The officers of Israel had met with Moses and Aaron after talking with Pharaoh. They thought that Pharaoh was going to kill them so they were mad at Moses and Aaron.

Moses asked the Lord about Israel's trouble. God told Moses that He was going to be tough on Egypt and deliver Israel. God promised to give them the land of Canaan.

Moses told the children of Israel what God had said to him. But their lives had been so bad that they did not believe him.

God told Moses to speak to Pharaoh and tell him to let the children of Israel go out of the land. But Moses was worried that he could not speak well enough.

God told Moses that he was as a god to Pharaoh and that Aaron was his prophet. And God told them what to say and do. Moses and Aaron obeyed God and did exactly what He told them to do.

Moses and Aaron went to speak with Pharaoh. Pharaoh asked them to do a miracle so Aaron threw down his rod which turned into a serpent. Then Pharaoh called the magicians and they threw down their rods which turned into serpents. But, Aaron's rod ate the magician's rod's.

Pharaoh was not humble. He did not believe Moses and Aaron.


1. Was God going to be touch on Egypt and deliver Israel?

2. Did God promise to give them the land of Canaan?

3. Did the children of Israel believe Moses?

4. Did Moses and Aaron obey God?

5. Should we obey God?

6. What miracle did Aaron do with his rod?

7. What did Aaron's rod do to the magician's rods?

8. Was Pharaoh humble? Did he believe Moses and Aaron?

9. Should we be humble?