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Home Children's Bible Stories

Moses' First Meeting with Pharaoh
(Exodus 5:1-21)

Moses and Aaron had spoken the word of God to the people and done the signs. And, the people had believed. Then Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh to speak the word of the Lord.

They told Pharaoh that God said: "Let My people go, that they may hold a feast to Me in the wilderness." But Pharaoh did not fear the Lord and told them that they could not go.

Then Pharaoh decided to make life tougher for the Israelites. He commanded the taskmasters and officers not to give Israel any more straw to make bricks. But they were still supposed to make the same amount of bricks everyday day.

The people could not gather their own straw and make the same number of bricks everyday. The job was impossible. But the taskmasters beat the officers of Israel because they failed.

The officers eventually went to Pharaoh and asked Him to give them the straw again or decrease the number of bricks they had to make. Pharaoh refused to help them.

Then the officers met with Moses and Aaron. The officers were mad at Moses and Aaron for speaking the word of God to Pharaoh. And, they thought that they were going to die from all of the beatings.


1. Did the Israelites believe the word of God?

2. Did Moses and Aaron tell Pharaoh what the Lord had commanded?

3. Did Pharaoh let them go into the wilderness to hold a feast?

4. Did Pharaoh fear the Lord? Did he obey the Lord?

5. Should we obey the Lord?

6. What did Pharaoh do to make things tougher on the Israelites?

7. Did the officers ask Pharaoh to give them the straw or decrease the number of bricks they had to make?

8. Did Pharaoh help them?

9. Why were the officers mad at Moses and Aaron?