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Home Children's Bible Stories

The First Plague: Waters Turned to Blood
(Exodus 7:14-25)

Pharaoh's heart had grown hard after seeing Aaron's rod turn into a serpent and eat the magician's rods. Pharaoh did not fear God. So God brought ten plagues upon the Egyptians until Pharaoh let the children of Israel go to Canaan.

The Lord told Moses to meet with Pharaoh and tell him to let Israel go! The Lord told Pharaoh that He was going to turn the waters into blood. The fish would die, the water would stink, and the people could not drink the water. Then Pharaoh would know that God was the Lord.

Moses and Aaron obeyed God. They spoke to Pharaoh just like God had told them to speak. And they lifted the rod over the waters just like God had commanded them. Then the water turned to blood, the fish died, and the people could not drink the water.

The Egyptians dug wells to get water. The magicians did a trick turning some water into blood and Pharaoh's heart grew hard. Then Pharaoh went to his house just like nothing had happened. So, God brought another plague upon Egypt.


1. Did Pharaoh have a hard heart? Did he fear God?

2. Did Pharaoh obey God and let Israel go to Canaan?

3. Did Moses and Aaron obey God?

4. Should we obey God?

5. What did God do to the water?

6. What happened to the fish?

7. Could the people drink the water?

8. What did the Egyptians do to get water?

9. What did the magicians do to some water?

10. Did Pharaoh's heart grow hard after seeing the magician's trick?

11. Do magicians' have supernatural power? Or, do they just do tricks?