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Home Children's Bible Stories

The Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Plagues
(Exodus 8:20-9:12)

The fourth plague upon Egypt was swarms of insects.

God commanded Moses and go out early in the morning and meet Pharaoh at the water. Moses told Pharaoh, "Thus says the Lord: Let My people go, that they may serve Me."

Pharaoh did not obey God and swarms of insects came upon the Egyptians, just like God had promised. But the insects did not come upon the Israelites. Finally Pharaoh agreed to let Israel go and asked Moses to pray that God would take the insects away. Moses prayed to God. And God took every one of the insects away.

The fifth plague upon Egypt was a very severe pestilence.

Pharaoh did not obey God. He did not let the people go as he had promised. Then God again commanded Pharaoh to let Israel go, or He would strike all of the livestock with a severe pestilence.

Pharaoh did not obey God. So, God kept His promise and killed all the Egyptian's livestock, but He did not kill any of the Israelite's livestock.

The sixth plague upon Egypt was boils.

Pharaoh continued to disobey God. So God made boils come upon the Egyptians and their animals, just as He had promised. The boils were so bad that people could not even stand up. But Pharaoh still did not obey God.


1. What was the fourth plague?

2. What was the fifth plague?

3. What was the sixth plague?

4. Did Pharaoh obey God?

5. Did Pharaoh keep his promises to let Israel go?

6. Did God punish Pharaoh for disobeying?

7. Did God keep his promises about the plagues?

8. Does God always keep his promises?

9. Should we always obey God?