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Home Children's Bible Stories

God Makes a Promise to Abram
(Genesis 12:1-9)

One day God told Abram to leave home and go to a different place to live. Abram was 75 years old when he left home.

God promised to make Abram a great nation and bless him. God said that he would bless the people who were good to Abram and curse the people who were bad to Abram.

Abram left home. He took Sarai who was his wife. And he took Lot who was his nephew. He also took everything that he owned.

Abram went to Canaan as God had commanded him.

God said that He would give the land to Abram's children. Abram built an alter so that he could worship God.


1. What did God tell Abram to do?

2. What promise did God make to Abram?

3. Who did Abram take with him when he left home?

4. What did Abram take with him when he left home?

5. Did Abram obey God?

6. Should we obey God?

7. What did Abram build after God spoke to him in Canaan?