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Home Children's Bible Stories

Lot's Capture and Rescue
(Genesis Chapter 14)

One day the people that lived around Lot refused to pay taxes to a far away king. So, the king got some other kings and conquered the cities. They took Lot and the people with their possessions.

One man escaped from the king and told Abram what had happened. So, Abram got some of his friends and formed an army. They recused Lot and all the people with their possessions.

On the way home, Abram stopped and gave a tithe to the king of Salem who was God's priest.

Then Abram took all the people home, but he would not keep anything for himself. He only wanted to be sure that the soldiers had food to eat and that his friends received their portion of the bounty.


1. Why did the king capture Lot and the people?

2. How did Abram learn that Lot had been captured?

3. What did Abram do to rescue Lot?

4. What did Abram stop to do on the way home?

5. After Abram took the people home, did he keep anything for himself?