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Home Children's Bible Stories

Hagar and Ishmael
(Genesis Chapter 16)

One day Sarai began to think that God was not going to let her have a baby. So she thought that she could have a baby through her servant whose name was Hagar.

Abram took Hagar to be his wife and she had a baby. Hagar began to think that she was better than Sarai and Sarai became angry.

Sarai complained to Abram and he said that she could do whatever she liked with Hagar. Sarai was harsh toward Hagar and Hagar ran away.

The Angel of the Lord came to Hagar and asked her what she was doing. After she explained, the Angel of the Lord promised that she would have many descendants. Then the Angel said that her son's name would be Ishmael and commanded that she return to Sarai.

Hagar returned to Sarai and bore Abram a son. Abram called his son's name Ishmael. Abram was eighty-six years old when he had his first son.


1. Did Sarai think that God was going to let her have a baby?

2. What did Sarai do with Hagar?

3. What happened after Hagar knew that she was going to have a baby?

4. What did the Angel of the Lord tell Hagar? Did it come true?

5. What did Hagar do after the Angel of the Lord spoke to her?

6. How old was Abram when he had his first son?