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Home Children's Bible Stories

God Tested Abraham
(Genesis Chapter 22)

One day God tested Abraham. God commanded him to offer his only son as a burnt offering. Abraham did not understand how God could keep His promise if Isaac were dead. But, Abraham believed God and obeyed.

Abraham rose up early the next morning to obey God. He got the wood, fire, and knife. Abraham left home to go to Moriah with Isaac, two young men, and a donkey.

After three days Abraham arrived in Moriah and saw the mountain that God wanted him to offer the sacrifice. Abraham told the two young men that he and the lad would return. Abraham was confident that God would save Isaac.

Isaac asked his father about the lamb for the sacrifice. Abraham told him that God would provide the lamb. Isaac obeyed his father.

Abraham got everything ready for the sacrifice and put Isaac on the wood to slay him. Then the Lord stopped Abraham and provided a ram for the sacrifice.

Abraham offer the ram in place of Isaac. Abraham obeyed God.


1. God tested Abraham. What did God command Abraham to do?

2. Did Abraham believe God and obey Him?

3. Should we believe God and obey Him?

4. Did Abraham rise up early in the morning to obey God?

5. Did Isaac obey his father?

6. Should you obey your parents?

7. What kind of animal did God provide for a sacrifice?