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Sarah died and Isaac Marries Rebekah
(Genesis Chapters 23-24)

Sarah died and Isaac Married Rebekah Sarah was one hundred and twenty-seven years old when she died. Abraham bought a cave and buried Sarah.

Abraham was getting old. So he asked the servant who ruled over his house to find a wife for Isaac. Abraham made him swear that he would not take a wife from the people of Canaan. And he promised take he would take a wife from Abraham's relatives. He also made him promise not to take Isaac with him.

God's angel went with Abraham's servant and the servant found a wife for Isaac. Her name was Rebekah. Her brother and father said that she could marry Isaac. Then the servant gave Rebekah, her brother, and her mother many gifts.

The next day Rebekah left with Abraham's servant. Rebekah's nurse and maids also went with her.

As they were traveling, Rebekah looked up and saw a man. She found out that it was Isaac. Then she got off the camel and veiled her face.

Abraham's servant told Isaac what had happened on their trip. Isaac took Rebekah to be his wife and he loved her. Then he was comforted after his mother's death.


1. How old was Sarah when she died?

2. What did Abraham send his servant to do?

3. Could his servant take a wife for Isaac from the Canaanites?

4. What did the servant give Rebekah?

5. Who did Rebekah take with her?

6. What did Rebekah do when she saw Isaac?

7. Were Isaac and Rebekah married?