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Home Children's Bible Stories

Abraham Dies and Esau Sells His Birthright
(Genesis Chapter 25)

Abraham married Keturah and she bore him many children. One day Abraham gave everything to Isaac and gave gifts to his other children. Then he sent them all away except for Isaac.

Abraham lived one hundred and seventy-five years. After Abraham died, Isaac and Ishmael buried him in the same cave as Sarah.

Isaac and Ishmael had children. Isaac prayed that God would allow Rebekah to have children and she gave birth to twin boys. The first boy's name was Esau because he had red skin. He was also hairy. The second boy's name was Jacob because he took hold of Esau's heal as they were being born.

Esau and Jacob grew. One day Esau had been out in the field and was very tired. He asked Jacob for some red stew that he had cooked. Jacob told Esau to sell him his birthright. Esau sold Jacob his birthright and Jacob gave him some bread and stew.


1. Did Abraham marry Keturah?

2. How many years did Abraham live?

3. What were the names of Isaac's twin boys?

4. What did Esau sell to Jacob for some stew?

5. God gives us a birthright to be his children and go to heaven. Should we sell our birthright?