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Home Children's Bible Stories

Jacob Lives in Haran
(Genesis 27:40-30:24)

One day Rebekah found out that Esau was planning to kill Jacob. Rebekah told Jacob what Esau was going to do and told him to live in Haran for a while. Isaac also told him to go to Haran to find a wife.

On the way to Haran, Jacob had a dream. He saw a ladder that reached to heaven. Angels were going up and down the ladder and the Lord stood at the top. Jacob knew that God was with him. And he knew that God would keep him safe and bring him back home one day.

Jacob saw Rachel at a well and fell in love with her. He stayed in her father's house for a month. Then Laban asked him what he should be paid. Jacob said that he would work seven years for Rachel to be his wife.

After Jacob worked seven year, Laban tricked him and gave him Leah to be his wife. The next day Jacob complained to Laban. Laban then gave him Rachel to be his wife but he had to work another seven years.

Leah, Rachel, and their maids bore Jacob twelve children. They had eleven boys and one girl. After Rachel bore Joseph, they left Haran and then she bore Benjamin. These boys grew up to become the twelve patriarchs of Israel.


1. Was Esau planning to kill Jacob?

2. How did Jacob find out what Esau was planning to do?

3. What did Jacob do?

4. Who did Jacob marry?

5. How many children did Jacob have while living in Haran?

6. Who was born before Jacob and his family left Haran? Who was born after they left Haran?