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Home Children's Bible Stories

Isaac Blesses Jacob
(Genesis 27:1-40)

One day Isaac did not know whether he would live or die. So, he called Esau. Isaac asked Esau to bring him some food so that he could eat and then bless him.

Rebekah heard what Isaac said to Esau. She told Jacob to get two choice kids from the flock so that she could cook it. Then, Jacob could take the food to Isaac and receive the blessing.

Jacob was afraid that Isaac would find out that he was deceiving him. But Rebekah said that the curse would be on her if he were caught.

After Rebekah cooked the food, she put Esau's clothes on Jacob with the animal skins on his hands and neck. Then Jacob took the food to Isaac. He deceived Isaac by saying that he was Esau. Isaac knew that it sounded like Jacob, but he felt and smelled like Esau.

After Isaac finished eating, he blessed Jacob. As Jacob was leaving, Esau came in with some food for his father. Isaac was surprised that it was Esau because he had been deceived.

Esau was very sad and wept. He asked his father for a blessing. But, Isaac had already blessed Jacob. Esau would have to serve Jacob.


1. Did Isaac want to give Esau his blessing?

2. Was Isaac deceived into blessing Jacob instead of Esau?

3. What did Rebekah and Jacob do to deceive Isaac?

4. Was Isaac surprised that he had been deceived?

5. Should we tell a lie or tell the truth?