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Home Children's Bible Stories

Jacob Returns to Canaan
(Genesis 30:25-33:20)

Jacob wanted to return to Canaan, but Laban convinced him to stay and take care of his flocks. Jacob agreed to stay as long as he could have all of the speckled, spotted, and brown animals.

After six years, God commanded Jacob to go back to Canaan. Jacob told Rachel and Leah. They all obeyed God and departed for Canaan.

Three days later Laban heard that Jacob and his family had departed. Laban pursued them for seven days. The night before Laban met with Jacob, God warned him not to speak anything good or bad to Jacob.

Rachel had stolen Laban's idols. Laban accused Jacob of stealing them so Jacob told him to search for them. Laban did not find them. Then, Jacob rebuked Laban. Laban had treated him poorly by changing his wages ten times. Then Jacob and Laban made a covenant not to harm each other.

Jacob sent messengers to Esau. The messengers told Jacob that Esau was coming to meet him with four hundred men. Jacob was afraid that Esau was coming to hurt him. So, he sent a present of many animals to Esau so that he would not be mad. Then Jacob split his family into two companies and prayed that God would protect them.

Later Jacob wrestled with a Man. It was an Angel from God. They wrestled all night. The Angel could not beat Jacob so He touched his hip socket and put it out of joint. Jacob would not give up until the Angel blessed Him. The Angel changed his name to Israel and blessed him.

Jacob met Esau. Esau was happy to meet him and cried. Jacob visited Esau in Seir. Then Jacob lived in Succoth before moving to Shechem.


1. Did Laban convince Jacob to stay and take care of his flocks? What did Jacob receive in return?

2. God commanded Jacob to return back to Canaan. Did Jacob obey God? Should we obey God?

3. What did Laban do after he heard that Jacob and his family had departed?

4. Did Jacob send Esau a big present? Why?

5. Jacob wrestled with God's Angel. Did Jacob give up? Did he receive the blessing?

6. Was Esau happy to see Jacob? Were they friends or enemies?