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Home Children's Bible Stories

Jacob's Journey to Hebron
(Genesis Chapters 34-35)

While living in Shechem, Hamor's son defiled Abraham's daughter. This made Jacob's sons very angry and they deceitfully persuaded the men of Shechem to be circumcised. Then Jacob's sons rescued her while attacking the city.

Then God commanded Jacob and his family to return to Bethel and make an alter. Jacob obeyed God. There, God came to him and again blessed him changing his name a second time to Israel.

Jacob journeyed from Bethel to Bethlehem. On the way to Bethlehem, Rachel gave birth to Benjamin and died. After burying Rachel, Jacob continued his journey to Bethlehem.

Then Jacob went to see Isaac. Isaac was one hundred and eighty years old when he died. Isaac was buried by Esau and Jacob.


1. What did a man do to Jacob's daughter in Shechem?

2. What did her brother's do?

3. God commanded Jacob to return to Bethel and to make an alter. Did Jacob obey God?

4. Should we obey God?

5. What was the name of Jacob's son that was born on the way to Bethlehem?

6. How old was Isaac when he died?