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Home Children's Bible Stories

Joseph Sold into Slavery
(Genesis Chapter 37)

Joseph was seventeen. Israel loved him more than his brothers since he was born in his old age. Because Israel loved Joseph so much, he gave him a coat of many colors.

Joseph's brothers hated him since Israel loved him more than them. Then Joseph had two dreams. In the dreams he learned that his brothers and parents would bow down to him. When he told his brothers about the dreams, they hated him more than before. But when he told Israel about the dreams, he rebuked him and kept his words in mind.

One day Israel asked Joseph to go to Schechem and check on his brothers. Joseph eventually found them in Dothan. There they threw Joseph into a pit and sold him to Midianite traders. Then the Midianites took him and sold him to Potiphar in Egypt. Joseph's brothers took Joseph's coat and dipped it in blood. They gave it to Israel and deceived him. Israel thought that Joseph had been devoured by a wild beast.

Joseph's brothers did not tell their father the truth.


1. How old was Joseph?

2. What did Israel give Joseph?

3. Why did Joseph's brothers hate him?

4. What did Joseph's brothers do to him?

5. Did Joseph's brothers deceive their father? Did they tell a lie?

6. Should we deceive anyone? Should we tell a lie?