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Home Children's Bible Stories

Joseph's Rise to Power
(Genesis Chapters 40-41)

Joseph was in prison with the chief butler and chief baker. The butler and baker had dreams and were sad since no one was there to interpret the dreams. Joseph told them that interpretations belonged to God and asked them to tell him the dreams.

Joseph interpreted the dreams and in three days they came true. Pharaoh had his birthday feast and restored the butler to service but he had the baker hung.

Two years later, Pharaoh had two dreams that the Egyptians could not interpret. The butler remembered that Joseph had correctly interpreted the dreams in prison and told Pharaoh. So, Pharaoh called for Joseph.

Pharaoh told Joseph his dreams. Joseph said that the interpretation belonged to God. Then he interpreted Pharaoh's dreams. There would be seven years of plenty and seven years of famine. Joseph suggested that Pharaoh appoint a man to store up food during the plentiful years so that there would be food during the famine. Pharaoh thought that Joseph's advice was good. Then, he appointed Joseph to rule over his house and all of the people.

During the seven plentiful years Joseph had two sons. One was named Manasseh and the other was named Ephraim. During the plentiful years Joseph stored up food. Then, when the famine came he sold food to the Egyptians and all the other countries.


1. Did Joseph interpret the butler and baker's dreams while in prison? Was his interpretation correct?

2. Did Joseph interpret Pharaoh's dreams two years later? Was his interpretation correct?

3. What did Joseph do during the plentiful years? What did he do during the years of famine?

4. Did Joseph give God credit for interpreting the dreams?