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Home Children's Bible Stories

Joseph's Ten Brothers Go to Egypt
(Genesis Chapter 42)

There was a great famine in Canaan and Joseph's family ran out of food. They were going to die if they did not get some more food. So, Jacob sent ten of his sons to Egypt to buy food. He did not send Benjamin because he was afraid something bad would happen to him.

When they arrived in Egypt they went to buy food. Joseph recognized them. But Joseph acted like a stranger so that they would not recognize him.

Joseph spoke roughly to them and accused them of being spies. His brothers said that they were in Egypt to buy food and told him about their family.

Joseph said that he would test them to see if they were honest. He said that he would keep nine of them in prison while the other brother returned to Canaan and brought Benjamin to Egypt. Joseph's brothers did not like that test and Joseph put them in prison for three days.

After his brothers had been in prison for three days, Joseph told them that he would give them a different test. He would let all but one of them return to Canaan with food. Then they were to return to Egypt with Benjamin to prove that they were honest men. They agreed to this test and Simeon was bound and put in prison until they returned with Benjamin.

On the way home, one of Joseph's brothers opened his sack of grain and found that his money was in the sack. They were all afraid that they would get in trouble for stealing the money. But Joseph had told his men to put the money in the sack with the food.

They returned to Jacob and told him about their trip. Then they found that they had all of the money with which they had bought food. They were all afraid. He would not let them take Benjamin to Egypt because he was afraid something bad would happen to him.


1. Why did Joseph's brothers go to Egypt?

2. Why did Jacob not send Benjamin to Egypt with his brothers?

3. How did Joseph act toward his brothers?

4. Why did Joseph put them in prison?

5. What test did Joseph give them to see if they were honest?

6. Should we be honest and always tell the truth?