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Home Children's Bible Stories

Benjamin Goes to Egypt with His Brothers
(Genesis Chapter 43)

The famine was very bad. One day Israel and his sons ran out of food. Israel told them to go again to Egypt and buy food.

Judah insisted that they take Benjamin with them. Joseph had told them that they could not buy more food unless they brought Benjamin with them.

Israel did not want to send Benjamin with them because he was afraid that something bad would happen to him. Then Judah said that he would guarantee Benjamin's safe return.

Israel trusted God and sent Benjamin to Egypt with his brothers. He also sent a present to Joseph and extra money with his sons.

When they arrived in Egypt, Joseph saw Benjamin and ordered his steward to take them to his house and get ready to eat lunch. The steward gave them water to wash their feet and fed their donkeys.

Joseph asked about their father and blessed Benjamin. Then Joseph went to his room and cried. When he returned, his servants served the food. Joseph ate alone. Joseph gave five times as much food to Benjamin than to his other brothers.


1. Why did Israel send his sons to Egypt a second time?

2. Why did Judah want to take Benjamin to Egypt? Why did Israel not want Benjamin to go to Egypt?

3. Did Israel trust God? Should we trust God?

4. How much more food did Benjamin receive than his brothers?