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Home Children's Bible Stories

Joseph's Brothers and the Silver Cup
(Genesis 44:1-45:2)

It was time for Joseph's brothers to go home. So, Joseph commanded his steward to put food along with their money in his brother's sacks. Joseph also told his steward to put his silver cup in Benjamin's sack.

After his brothers left, Joseph told his steward to catch them and accuse them of stealing his cup. His steward caught Joseph's brothers and found the cup in Benjamin's sack. So, Benjamin had to be a slave. Then they returned with the steward to see Joseph.

Joseph acted as if he were upset with his brothers. His brothers thought that God had found out their sin against Joseph (God always knows everything).

Joseph's brothers were very sorry for what had happened and offered to be slaves with Benjamin. Joseph told them that they could go home and that only Benjamin had to be a slave. Joseph's brothers would not leave Benjamin alone in Egypt.

Judah spoke to Joseph and explained that their father would die if Benjamin did not return with them. Joseph was very sad because he did not want his father to die. Then Joseph told them that he was their brother and cried aloud.


1. What did Joseph command his steward to put in his brother's sacks?

2. What did Joseph command his steward to put in Benjamin's sack?

3. After the steward caught Joseph's brothers, where did he find Joseph's cup?

4. Did Joseph pretend to be upset when his brothers returned?

5. Does God know everything that happens?

6. Did Joseph's brothers want to leave Benjamin all alone in Egypt?

7. What would have happened to their father if Benjamin did not return home?

8. Did Joseph want his father to die?

9. What did Joseph do after telling them that he was their brother?