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Home Children's Bible Stories

Joseph Reveals Himself to His Brothers
(Genesis Chapter 45)

Joseph's brothers returned to Egypt with Joseph's cup and Judah asked that Benjamin be allowed to return to Canaan. Then Joseph told his brothers that he was their brother Joseph.

Joseph asked them to come near to him. He explained that God had made him governor over Egypt to save their lives. Then Joseph commanded them to bring his father to Goshen so that he could provide for them.

Joseph wept on Benjamin's neck. Then he wept on all his brothers' necks and kissed them.

Pharaoh and his servants heard that Joseph's brothers had come from Canaan and they were very happy for Joseph. Pharaoh commanded them to bring Joseph's father to Egypt. Pharaoh sent donkeys, mules, and carts with them to bring their families back to Egypt. Pharaoh told them not to worry about bring all of their possessions to Egypt since they would be given the best of the land.

Joseph's brothers return to their father in Canaan. They told Jacob what had happened and that Joseph was alive. But, he did not believe them at first. Finally after they had told him everything that Joseph had said and showed him everything that Joseph had sent home, he believed them.


1. Did Joseph tell his brothers who he was?

2. Did Joseph tell them to bring his father to Egypt?

3. Did Joseph weep and kiss his brothers?

4. Was Pharaoh happy that Joseph's brothers had come to Egypt?

5. What did Pharaoh command Joseph's brothers to do?

6. Did Jacob believe that Joseph was alive at first?

7. When did Jacob believe that Joseph was still alive?