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Home Children's Bible Stories

Jacob's Journey and Settlement in Egypt
(Genesis 46:1-47:12)

Jacob and his family journeyed to Egypt as Joseph had told them. There were seventy person in all that moved to Egypt.

On the way, Israel stopped in Beersheba to worship God. God told him in a night vision not to be afraid to go to Egypt because he would be with him.

Jacob sent Judah ahead of them to prepare for their entrance into Goshen. Joseph got in his chariot and went to Goshen to meet his father. When Joseph arrived in Goshen, he fell on his father's neck and wept a long time.

Joseph told his family what he would tell Pharaoh. Then he told them what they should say to Pharaoh when they met him.

Joseph took five of his brothers in to meet Pharaoh. They told Pharaoh what Joseph had told them to say then asked if they could live in Goshen. Pharaoh told Joseph to let them live in Goshen.

Then Joseph took his father in to meet Pharaoh. Jacob blessed Pharaoh and then they talked. When they were finished, Jacob blessed Pharaoh again and departed.

Then Joseph placed his family in the land of Ramses, which is in Goshen, as Pharaoh had commanded. And he provided them with bread during the famine.


1. Where did Jacob and his family move to?

2. How many of them moved to Egypt?

3. What did they do when they stopped in Beersheba?

4. Should we worship God?

5. What did God tell Israel in Beersheba?

6. Is God always with us?

7. Did Pharaoh let them live in Goshen?

8. Did Joseph provide bread for his family during the famine?