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Joseph and the Famine, Joseph's Vow, Jacob Blesses Joseph's Sons
(Genesis 47:13-48:22)

The famine in Egypt was very bad. The people in Egypt and Canaan spent all of their money for food. So, Joseph gave them bread for a year in exchange for their livestock. The next year, Joseph gave them bread in exchange for their land and he moved the people into the cities. As the famine drew near to the end, Joseph sold the people their land and gave them seed to plant. Then he made a law that the people would pay a 20 percent tax in exchange for the food, land, and seed.

Jacob lived in Egypt seventeen years and was one hundred forty-seven years old when he died. Jacob asked Joseph to bury him with his fathers in Canaan after he died. Joseph agreed and swore to him.

Later, Joseph heard that Jacob was sick so he took his two sons to see him. Jacob heard that Joseph was coming and sat up on his bed. He blessed Joseph through his two sons by adopting them. So through his sons, Joseph received a double inheritance. Ephraim was the younger son but he received a greater blessing. And Manasseh was the older son but received a lesser inheritance.


1. Was the famine in Egypt bad?

2. Did the people run out of money?

3. What did Joseph take in exchange for food since the people did not have money?

4. Near the end of the famine, what did Joseph sell the people in exchange for their paying taxes?

5. Where did Jacob ask Joseph to bury him?

6. Did Jacob bless Joseph's two sons? What were their names?

7. Did Joseph receive a double inheritance?