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Home Children's Bible Stories

Death of Jacob and Joseph
(Genesis 49:29-50:26)

After Jacob finished blessing his family he gave them instructions regarding his burial. They were to bury him with his fathers in the cave that Abraham had purchased from Ephron the Hittite.

Jacob drew his feet into the bed and breathed his last breath. Joseph fell on his father's face, wept, and kissed him. Then Joseph commanded his servants and physicians to embalm his father.

After seventy days, it was time for Joseph to take his father's body to Canaan for burial. He asked Pharaoh for permission to take his father's body to Canaan for burial. Pharaoh gave him permission to go.

Many important Egyptians went with Joseph and his family to bury Jacob's body in Canaan. On the way there they stopped at a threshing floor to mourn for seven more days. Then they enter Egypt and buried Jacob as he had commanded them.

After they returned to Egypt, Joseph's brothers began to think that Joseph may hate them because they had sold him into slavery. So they sent messengers to Joseph asking his forgiveness. Joseph wept. Then all of his brothers came and fell down before his face. Joseph told them not to be afraid and promised to take care of them.

Joseph lived one hundred ten years. Before he died he told his brethren that God would visit them and that they were to take his bones back to Canaan. Over three hundred years later, God visited them and they escaped from Egypt. Then they took Joseph's bones and buried them in Shechem.


1. Where did Jacob's family bury him?

2. Who went with Joseph and his family to Canaan?

3. Where did they stop to mourn for seven more days before entering Canaan?

4. After they returned to Egypt, what did Joseph's brothers do? Why?

5. What did Joseph promise to do for his brothers?

6. How many years did Joseph live?

7. Where was Joseph eventually buried?