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Home Children's Bible Stories

Noah and the Flood
(Genesis Chapters 6-10)

God saw the sin of man and was sorry that He had made man. So, He decided to destroy all living things except the fish.

Noah was a righteous man. So God wanted to save Noah.

God commanded Noah to build an ark. God told Noah the size of the ark. And God told Noah what to use to build the ark.

Noah obeyed God. Then God told Noah to get in the ark with his family and the animals.

God made waters come out of the earth. He also made it rain for 40 days and 40 nights.

After the land dried, God commanded Noah to come out of the ark.

Noah came out and worshiped God.

God said that He would not destroy the ground again because of man's sin. Then God said that a rainbow would be a sign of His promise.

Noah lived to be 950 year old.


1. Why did God decide to destroy all living things except the fish?

2. What did God command Noah to build?

3. Did Noah obey God?

4. How long did it rain?

5. Why did Noah come out of the ark?

6. How long did Noah live?