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Bible Class Books for Youth (PDF)
These lessons are in PDF format and require Adobe Acrobat Reader or Abode Acrobat eBook Reader to view, download, and print. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader and Adobe eBook Reader for free.

For information regarding accessibility for disabled persons, see Adobe accessibility.

You are free to download and reproduce these books for personal and class study. Consult the author's copyright before reproducing these materials for any other reason including reproduction for sale.

Learn how to print and bind Ebooks.

Many of the general Bible Class Books are appropriate for youth, but the following
Bible Class books were written particularly for youth.


Topical Studies

The Dark Room of Sin, by John Duvall.

Difficult Issues Taken From Today's Headlines, sixteen lessons by Matt Hennecke of This series of lessons deals with important issues for mature youth and would not be suitable for younger children. This series is also a great resource for adults.

The Years of One's Youth, eight lessons by Jeff Smith. This series of lessons compose character studies of young people found in the Scriptures. This class book was written for high school to college age people. It could possibly be used for children as young as middle school although some of the themes in the class would be beyond their comprehension.

Bible Class Lessons for Children

Henny Penny's Bible Class Lessons, Songs, and Visual Aids

Bible Class Curriculum For Sunday School
By: F.L. Booth
Bible Class Books (PDF) for Elementary, Junior High, High School, Home School.

Old Testament


New Testament