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Bible study on truth.

Jn. 1:14

The Word became flesh (i.e., Jesus) and was full of grace and truth.

Jn. 1:17

Grace and truth came through Jesus Christ.

Jn. 14:6

Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

To go to the Father through Jesus Christ, we must love Jesus and keep His commandments (Jn. 14:15-24).

Eph. 4:21

The truth is in Christ.

Jn. 4:24

We must worship in spirit and truth.

Jn. 16:13

The Holy Spirit guided the apostles into all truth.

Jn. 17:17, 19;
2 Tim. 2:15

God's word is truth (cf. Ps. 119:160). We are sanctified by truth.

God is not the author of confusion (1 Cor. 14:33; cf. Jas. 1:17). His word is the truth (Jn. 17:17) in which there are no contradictions.

2 Th. 2:10

We must receive the love of the truth to be saved.

The people who are unwilling to do whatever is necessary to live according to the truth will believe the lie and be condemned because they did not believe the truth (2 Th. 2:11-12).

God's vengeance will come upon everyone who does not obey the gospel (2 Th. 1:8).

1 Pet. 1:22;
Rom. 2:8; Gal. 3:1

We must obey the truth to be saved (cf. 2 Th. 1:8; Heb. 5:9; 12:2).

1 Pet. 1:22-23

We purify our souls in obeying the truth.

We must practice the truth (1 Jn. 1:6) by keeping the commandments (1 Jn. 2:3f; cf. 2 Jn. 1:9).

2 Tim. 2:15

We must rightly divide the word of truth.

People who are untaught and unstable twist the Scriptures to their own destruction (2 Pet. 3:16).

1 Tim. 3:15

The church is the pillar and ground of the truth.

Eph. 5:9

The fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness, righteousness, and truth (cf. Gal. 5:16-26).

Eph. 6:14

The truth is part of the armor of God.

Christians must put on the whole armor of God to stand against the wiles of the devil (Eph. 6:10-18). The first piece of armor that we must put on is truth (Eph. 6:14).

1 Tim. 6:3-5

Anyone teaching a doctrine contrary to the gospel is destitute of the truth.

2 Tim. 3:8; 4:4

Evil men resist the truth. They turn their ears away from the truth.

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