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[Table of Contents]
B. W. Johnson
The New Testament Commentary: Vol. III--John (1886)

  • Chapter I.
  • Preliminary Note. The Word Made Flesh (1:1-18). The Witness of John (1:19-28). Christ's Ministry Begins (1:29-34). The First Disciples (1:35-51). Note on the Son of Man.
  • Chapter II.
  • The First Miracle (2:1-11). The Brethren of the Lord (2:12). The Cleansing of the Temple (2:13-25).
  • Chapter III.
  • Christ and Nicodemus (3:1-21). John at Ænon (3:22-36).
  • Chapter IV.
  • Jesus at the Well (4:1-26). Sowing and Reaping (4:27-42). The Nobleman's Son (4:43-54).
  • Chapter V.
  • Jesus at Bethesda (5:1-18). The Glory of the Son (5:19-47).
  • Chapter VI.
  • The History of a Year. The Five Thousand Fed (6:1-21). Jesus the Bread of Life (6:22-40). Feeding Upon Christ (6:41-71). Note on the Jewish Synagogue.
  • Chapter VII.
  • The Feast of Tabernacles (7:1-13). Jesus in the Temple (7:14-36). Jesus the Christ (7:37-52). Note on Demons.
  • Chapter VIII.
  • The Adulterous Woman (8:1-11). The Light of the World (8:12-30). Jesus and Abraham (8:31-59).
  • Chapter IX.
  • Jesus and the Blind Man (9:1-41).
  • Chapter X.
  • The Good Shepherd (10:1-21). End of Three Months' Ministry in Jerusalem (10:22-42).
  • Chapter XI.
  • The Resurrection of Lazarus (11:1-44). The Sanhedrim in Session (11:45-57).
  • Chapter XII.
  • Anointed for Burial (12:1-16). Gentiles Seeking Christ (12:17-36). The Cause of Unbelief (12:37-50).
  • Chapter XIII.
  • The Last Supper (13:1-20). When Christ Ate the Passover. Judas Exposed (13:21-30). The Son of Man Glorified (13:31-38).
  • Chapter XIV.
  • The House of Many Mansions (14:1-14). The Advocate Promised (14:15-31).
  • Chapter XV.
  • The True Vine (15:1-16). The Church and the World (15:17-27).
  • Chapter XVI.
  • The Holy Spirit and the World (16:1-33). The Holy Spirit.
  • Chapter XVII.
  • The Lord's Prayer (17:1-26). The Lord's Prayer for Unity.
  • Chapter XVIII.
  • The Betrayal (18:1-14). The Trial Before the High Priest (18:15-27). Christ Before Pilate (18:28-40).
  • Chapter XIX.
  • Christ Crucified (19:1-16). Christ Crucified and Buried (9:17-42).
  • Chapter XX.
  • The Resurrection (20:1-18). Proofs of the Resurrection. The Lord Seen by the Apostles (20:19-31).
  • Chapter XXI.
  • In Galilee (21:1-19). Tarry Till I Come (21:20-25).
  • Appendix.
  • Dr. Philip Schaff on the Resurrection. Some Peculiarities of John's Gospel. The Commentaries and Standards on the Birth of Water and Spirit.

    [Table of Contents]
    B. W. Johnson
    The New Testament Commentary: Vol. III--John (1886)

    These files are public domain. This electronic edition was downloaded from the Restoration Movement Texts.